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Advisory Groups

Advisory Groups

Each year, some of our most respected faculty, staff and students serve on standing committees to advise on important campus issues. These groups are an integral part of management, leadership and policymaking for the entire university. The individuals who have accepted membership are tireless leaders whose thoughtful work and commitments of time and caring are especially significant.

Below are descriptions of the groups and links to more information, including committee membership. These groups are available to you and are open to hearing your ideas, thoughts and concerns.

Council for Diversity & Interculturalism

The Council advises the campus administration on creating and sustaining a welcoming, supportive and inclusive campus climate to all groups. Their goals include attracting and retaining faculty and staff from under-represented populations; attracting, retaining and graduating students from historically under-represented populations and international students; and ensuring that undergraduate curricular requirements include significant intercultural perspectives.

Campus Environment

The committee advises on improving the physical environment of the campus to ensure that environmentally sustainable principles are used in design, construction, operation and maintenance decisions and practices at UTK. They also aim to increase the day-to-day environmental awareness and knowledge of students, faculty and staff. The committee's current project is a 25-year Energy Plan for UT in collaboration with ORNL staff, to be completed later this year.

Commission for Blacks

The Commission for Blacks recommends changes in or additions to university policies and procedures to reflect concerns specific to blacks. The group also makes suggestions for new and existing academic and extracurricular programs related to blacks; encourages research to identify the problems and progress of blacks on campus; and encourages black faculty, staff and student involvement in all aspects of campus life.

Commission for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People

The Commission for LGBT people plans, evaluates, and carries out university programs, policies and services designed to improve the status of LGBT people on campus. The commission also serves as an advocacy group committed to the protection and advancement of LGBT students, faculty and staff.

Commission for Women

The Commission for Women plans, implements, and evaluates university programs, policies and services designed to improve the status of women on the Knoxville campus. The group is charged with: recommending new and existing academic, professional development and extracurricular programs; encouraging research to assess the status of women at UT; and keeping the community informed on programs related to women.

Student Life Council

The Student Life Council reviews decisions of the Student Tribunal and decisions of the Academic Review Boards (except a Board’s decision to support the instructor in a student’s appeal of a professorial penalty), and appeals filed by the Dean of Students of any board’s decision.

Cultural Affairs Board

The Cultural Affairs Board evaluates new cultural programming in theatre, dance, art and other areas and recommends funding supported by the University Programs and Services Fee.

Recreation, Entertainment & Social Board

The Recreation, Entertainment and Social Board develops programming supported by the University Programs and Services Fee. The programming includes film, travel, popular concerts, dances, exhibits, speakers, sports and recreation, and traditional campus events such as Homecoming, Carnicus and All Sing. The board also coordinates programming by the Central Program Council, Recreation Board and International House.

Student Publications Board

The Student Publications Board develops policies and selects the editors for campus student publications including the Daily Beacon newspaper, the Volunteer yearbook and Phoenix literary art magazine.

University Calendar Committee

The University Calendar Committee sets key academic and other major university dates and deadlines.

Traffic, Parking and Transportation Committee

The committee prepares traffic, parking and safety regulations to prevent or correct traffic and parking problems on campus and to improve traffic-pedestrian safety. The group also establishes schedule of parking fees and parking facility maintenance; develops more options for students, faculty and staff to travel to and from campus by means other than personal automobiles.

Technology Advisory Board

The board advises the Office of Information Technology on implementation and expenditure of student fees for technology. The group also develops and monitors technology guidelines; solicits input from campus constituencies; monitors progress of collections and expenditures; and reviews technology trends and their impact on UT Knoxville's plan.

Residency Classification Committee

The Residency Classification Committee makes recommendations on appeals to residency classification decisions.

Scholarly Communications Committee

The committee advises on scholarly communications in the digital age, including the rise in cost of publications, and the challenges and opportunities of new methods of disseminating research, creative work, and teaching materials through electronic media. The group also works to inform the campus community about the meanings and benefits of open access to scholarship.

Academic Outreach Council

The council advises and advocates for policies and practices that promote excellence in outreach through integrated scholarship. This goal engages the institution’s academic missions of research, creativity, teaching and service within the community. The council also coordinates, promotes, and disseminates information regarding academic outreach activities; and presides over the nomination and selection of the Chancellor’s Academic Outreach award which recognizes extraordinary contributions of faculty to the public.

Master Plan Committee

The Master Plan Committee is an advisory group whose duties include monitoring and continuing the implementation of the plan's goals.

Space & Renovations Committee

The Space and Renovations Committee is appointed by and is advisory to the Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration in the following areas:

    1. Planning utilization of all UTK space (building and property), including the operation and maintenance of a space management information system.
    2. Assignment or reassignment of UTK space.
    3. Reviewing all proposals for alterations, improvements and renovations to UTK facilities and recommending spending plans.
    4. Initiation of new major construction planning.
    5. Reviewing all proposals on new construction of UTK buildings and recommending funding.
    6. Reviewing elements of University Master Plan which are of interest to UTK.
    7. Reviewing requests from units for exterior signs for campus buildings.
    8. Reviewing traffic and parking solutions/proposals.