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Chancellor's Honors 2007 » Excellence in Teaching

Excellence in Teaching

Kristin GoddardKristin Goddard is a lecturer in the English department and holds undergraduate and master's degrees from UT. Over the past six years, she has become acknowledged as one of the most successful and respected members of the English department's lecturer corps. She is described as teaching with confidence, enthusiasm, flair, and unique imagination. One evaluator noted that she "makes all the great things she does look so easy and so natural."


Dr. Margaret M. GripshoverDr. Margaret M. Gripshover is adjunct associate professor of geography. Her classroom atmosphere is open, positive, rigorous, and, at times, improvisational. During class, students contribute to discussion, ask knowledgeable questions, and even interject jokes or asides. Dr. Gripshover’s class displays a warm and comfortable atmosphere, where students are engaged in discovering that geography can be fascinating and relevant.


Robert GuestRobert Guest, lecturer in the mathematics department, has done an inspired job teaching some of the courses considered the most difficult to teach. His dynamic, enthusiastic, and charismatic style allows him to base his teaching on real-world examples that hold the students’ interest.

Dr. Melissa KennedyDr. Melissa Kennedy, assistant professor of veterinary medicine, is director of the College of Veterinary Medicine’s virology laboratory. Her research focuses on viral diseases of nondomesticated animals, so she frequently travels to Africa for field research, often taking students with her. She strives to be an advocate for students, saying she shares “a connection, an empathy with veterinary students that allows [her] to see things from their perspective, never losing sight of the challenges they face.”


Dr. Dianne MawbyDr. Dianne Mawby, clinical associate professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine, combines consistent enthusiasm and energy in her teaching. Her philosophy is that learning must combine fun, stimulation, and satisfaction. Her students apparently feel she’s doing just that: Her evaluations are some of the highest in the college, often near 5.0. Dr. Mawby was voted Clinician of the Year by senior students just two years after arriving at UT. 

Dr. Urmila S. SeshagiriDr. Urmila S. Seshagiri, associate professor of English, has been on UT’s faculty for four years. In addition to standard courses of literary modernism, she also has designed a number of special topics classes. Her evaluation scores reflect her commitment to students and the material. One student writes that she has “never put so much effort into a class at UT… as in Dr. Seshagiri’s classes, and I have never learned or improved as much in any other class as I have in hers. Her students work incredibly hard for her, because she does it for us.”


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