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Chancellor's Honors 2012 » Extraordinary Graduate Student Teaching

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2012 Extraordinary Graduate Student Teaching

JOHN CABAGE, JR.John Cabage Jr.

John Cabage, Jr. is pursuing a doctorate in civil engineering after a long and successful career in that field. He was assigned full charge as instructor of record in Civil Engineering 301 last spring. Graduate students are rarely provided such an opportunity, but his professional credentials justify the assignment. He draws experience to help students understand how various experiments apply to the engineering practice. He also recognizes the need to challenge students in ways that stretch their thinking beyond the obvious. He makes sure students understand—not just memorize—the material.

Karen Ann Craig
Karen Ann Craig is a doctoral candidate in finance, entering the program in 2008 after working for fifteen years as a nuclear engineer. When faced with the challenge of teaching an introductory finance class to more than 200 students, she began using in-class assignments to boost class attendance. Student attendance rose dramatically from 35 percent in previous semesters to more than 85 percent. In evaluations, students expressed appreciation, noting how much she expects of them but also how much she cares about them.

Jacob Jensen is pursuing a doctorate in sport psychology and motor behavior in kinesiology. His scholarship, physical activity, knowledge of wellness, and excellent teaching led to his appointment as instructor of record for the undergraduate Introduction to Sport Psychology course. He also teaches courses in the UT physical education activity program, including sport and exercise psychology, stress management, tennis, weight training, and physical fitness. He is well-liked and respected by students, faculty, and his fellow graduate students in kinesiology, recreation, and sport studies.

Virginia Murphy
Virginia Murphy is a doctoral candidate in English and has been teaching since she entered the program in 2008. She consistently receives high student ratings and is well-known for her strong rapport with students. She addresses each student attentively, often building on individual questions to engage other members of the classroom. Every paper she grades receives a genuine compliment and detailed suggestions for improvement. She prioritizes concerns and emphasizes strengths so students know what they have done well and what they need to improve. Our students benefit from her knowledge of writing pedagogy, innovative curricular ideas, and excellence in teaching.



stylized certificate illustrationExtraordinary Graduate Student Teaching honors are awarded to outstanding graduate student teachers. Graduate student teachers do a superb job in the classroom while honing their skills to become the next generation of college and university faculty.