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Chancellor's Honors 2013 » Excellence in Advising

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2013 Excellence in Advising


Education professor Amos Hatch taught in urban elementary schools for thirteen years before entering higher education. His love for the field and guiding others into it is evident in all that he does.  His students appreciate the time he spends just getting to know them. He also takes great care to make sure they are challenged. One nominator mentions how Hatch helped develop her research skills: “He challenged me to dig deeper, and look beyond what I thought to be true. He has always expected the best from me, and pushed me to strive to be the best I can be.”

Brent Mallinckrodt is a professor in the counseling psychology program and serves as director of graduate studies for the program. He takes great pride in watching students develop in their academic careers. “I’ve never had someone who I felt was authentically committed to helping me holistically grow. Dr. Mallinckrodt has, more than any other professor in my life,” one nominator notes. Mallinckrodt has researched the adjustment and retention of college students. He also has a special affinity for helping international students adjust to life at in America and at a large university. “Dr. Mallinckrodt has been a great mentor in helping me design my career path and develop a solid self-confidence as a counselor and researcher. With his great care, I could maintain balance between challenging myself for further achievement and keeping a sense of security in a busy life of doctoral studies,” says another graduate student.


As associate director, Mary Anne Hoskins helps to oversee the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Services. To say her office is a busy place would be an understatement. The center sees an average of 2,500 first-year students to help them begin their academic careers at UT. The center’s staff works closely with students at all levels, with a special focus on making sure students connect their interests with a field that will lead to the right job. Hoskins coordinates the health professions advising program and works with departmental advising. She is credited for the time and attention she provides all students. “Being the nontraditional student, and returning to college at age thirty for a second degree, I was facing fears of not being able to manage a full-time school schedule around the rest of my established life,” one nominator explains. “Mary Anne talked me through what it might be like to do this, thereby inspiring me to try a heavier course load than I had originally planned.”

An advisor for the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Services, Shanna Pendergrast became a student favorite not long after coming to UT. She advises biology students early in the program and supports faculty advisors. Pendergrast helps students learn to use university resources and develop plans to reach their goals, while coaching them to take charge of their own destiny. She has an amazing gift of remembering details about the many students she sees. “Shanna is always on top of things and efficient during our advising appointments. She goes above and beyond, deals with so many students every day, and still recognizes who I am and remembers things I have mentioned in passing an entire semester later,” one advisee shares in her nomination. “There is no greater indication of her excellence as an advisor than that she always seems to be booked whenever I want to see her,” she notes.