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Chancellor's Honors 2013 » Macebearer

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2013 Macebearer

Bill Fox has traveled to more than forty countries on five continents to advise governments on tax policy. Stateside, he’s consulted with US governors, legislatures, tax commissions, and big business. Fox is the William B. Stokely Distinguished Professor for the College of Business Administration and director of the Center for Business and Economic Research. Fox’s work has received close to $36 million in funding and helps to bridge academia and practice. His insights have benefited UT and the greater society. Through his leadership, the Center for Business and Economic Research has grown both in size and stature, making it one of UT’s most prominent and respected programs. Fox’s research has generated an extensive list of projects and articles in leading public finance journals as well as regular coverage in such prominent media outlets as the Wall Street Journal. His accolades include the Bank of America Leadership Award, appointment as a Chancellor’s Professor, and the past presidency of the National Tax Association. Throughout his prominent and busy career, he has stayed committed and engaged in the success of the university and the College of Business Administration, its faculty, and its students. His colleagues say Fox “represents the best of a professor,” and two highly successful faculty members credit their advancement to his leadership.


stylized mace graphic The Macebearer is the highest faculty honor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, symbolic of the faculty’s commitment of service to students, to scholarship, and to society. The Macebearer is awarded to a faculty member who has exhibited longstanding commitment and service to the university community.