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Chancellor's Honors

Chancellor's Honors

The Chancellor's Honors Banquet is held each spring to recognize students, faculty, staff and friends of the University of Tennessee for their extraordinary achievements.

Nomination deadlines and procedures vary depending upon the award. More information about the awards, including nomination procedures and deadlines, can be found on the pages below.

Award recipients will be announced on this site following the banquet.

Awards and Nomination Procedures

These awards are presented at the Honors Banquet. The name of each award is linked to more information, including nomination deadlines.

  • Academic Outreach Awards
    Awarded to a faculty member whose extraordinary contributions to the public have occurred as an outgrowth of academic pursuits and are related to the university's academic mission.
  • African American Hall of Fame Award
    Awarded to African Americans who have made important contributions to the University of Tennessee.
  • Alexander Prize
    Awarded to a faculty member who exhibits excellence in teaching and research.
  • Angie Warren Perkins Award
    Awarded to an outstanding woman who has shown excellence in teaching and scholarship early in her career.
  • Diversity and Interculturalism Unit Excellence Award
    Awarded to an office, program, or department that has implemented diversity and inclusion initiatives that are linked to their mission and are sustainable.
  • Excellence in Advising Award
    Awarded to full- or part-time faculty and advisors exhibiting excellence in advising.
  • Excellence in Graduate Mentoring and Advising Award
    Awarded to graduate advisors and faculty exhibiting excellence in advising and mentoring graduate students.
  • Excellence in Teaching Award
    Awarded to full- or part-time faculty members exhibiting excellence in teaching.
  • Extraordinary Academic Achievement
    Awarded to undergraduates who exhibit extraordinary scholarship.
  • Extraordinary Campus Leadership and Service
    Awarded to graduate and undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and service to the university.
  • Extraordinary Community Service
    Awarded to faculty, staff, student organizations, and students who have demonstrated exceptional community service.
  • Extraordinary Contributions to Campus Life
    Awarded to student organizations that have made extraordinary contributions to campus life.
  • Extraordinary Customer Service
    Awarded to staff members who excel in their jobs and in their working relationships
  • Extraordinary Graduate Student Teaching
    Awarded to outstanding graduate student teachers.
  • Extraordinary Professional Promise
    Awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate professional promise in teaching, research, or other contributions.
  • Extraordinary Service to the University
    Awarded to faculty, administrative-professional personnel, clerical-supporting staff, alumni, and friends who have demonstrated extraordinary service to the university.
  • Gene Mitchell Gray Pioneer Award
    Awarded to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to the spirit of cultural enrichment and the appreciation of differences on campus.
  • Hardy Liston Jr. Symbol of Hope Award
    Awarded to faculty, staff, or alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to the development of individuals in our society through cultivating and enriching the human mind and spirit.
  • Jefferson Prize
    Awarded to tenured or tenure-track faculty who have demonstrated excellence in research and creative activity or who have made other significant achievements that might not be recognized in the usual university reward system
  • L.R. Hesler Award
    Awarded to faculty with outstanding teaching abilities and service to the university community
  • LGBT Advocate Award
    Awarded to faculty or staff who demonstrate leadership, integrity, and outstanding contributions in the promotion of an inclusive, safe, and respectful climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.
  • LGBT Student Leadership Award
    Awarded to a student who has made outstanding contributions in educational, social, and/or political activism for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people at the university.
  • Macebearer
    The Macebearer is awarded to a faculty member who has exhibited longstanding commitment and service to the university community.
  • Notable UT Woman Award
    Awarded to women from three rotating categories—administrator, alumnae, faculty and staff—who have made outstanding contributions to the university.
  • Professional Promise in Research and Creative Achievement Awards
    Awarded to tenured or tenure-track faculty members at the assistant or associate professor rank who have received national and/or international recognition in their fields and show professional promise in their areas of research and creative achievement.
  • Ready for the World Award
    Awarded to a faculty member who has worked in exceptional ways to enhance intercultural and international awareness among undergraduates.
  • Research and Creative Achievement
    Awarded to tenured faculty who have received national or international recognition in their field.
  • Success in Multidisciplinary Research
    Awarded to a multidisciplinary research team that has succeeded in gaining major external resources and external recognition for their research.
  • Torchbearer
    The highest student honor, the Torchbearer is awarded to seniors who have served their Alma Mater with overall excellence.