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Notes from the Chancellor » Coach Jones Hits the Ground Running

Coach Jones Hits the Ground Running

Coach Butch Jones

He tweets. He’s on billboards. And this spring he’ll be making trips around the state to meet fans.

Coach Butch Jones has hit the ground running since being named head football coach on December 7.

As recruiting season winds down, one of Jones’s goals is to get to know UT supporters. He says community involvement—for himself and for his team—is a critical piece of the puzzle.

"We’ll be champions in everything that we do—that’s not only on the field but off the field," he said. "For our players, it starts in the classroom. It starts with graduating with a meaningful degree. It’s being a productive citizen. And, for all of us, it’s being active in our community. That’s what winning’s about. I really believe if you win off the field, you will win on the field."

Although he’s been crisscrossing the nation recruiting and hasn’t had much time for one-on-one interaction with fans yet, he’s quite connected electronically.

Jones has more than 60,000 followers on Twitter (, making him the third most-followed coach in the country.

At his first UT press conference, Jones introduced his wife, Barb, and their three sons, Alex, 16; Adam, 12; and Andrew, 5.

"You have to understand, this is a way of life for our family," he said. "This isn’t our hobby. This is our livelihood. My family lives and dies on game day. My wife will become a second mother to 105 individuals on our football team. My sons will live and die Tennessee football every day. They’re extremely excited to join the community. I think my kids have worn Tennessee gear every day since they left the press conference."

Stay tuned as events are planned around the state and the region for you to meet Coach Jones, shake his hand, and get to know the Vols all over again.