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Notes from the Chancellor » Acquiring City Streets on Campus

Acquiring City Streets on Campus

Volunteer Boulevard

We are taking a huge step in our efforts to make campus more beautiful and pedestrian-friendly by seeking approval to take over city streets in the heart of our campus.

Earlier this month, the UT Board of Trustees approved our plan to seek ownership of 4.3 miles of city-owned streets. This includes most of the streets between Neyland Drive and Cumberland Avenue, including Volunteer Boulevard, Andy Holt Avenue, and Lake Loudoun Boulevard. It also includes a one-block stretch of Thirteenth Street between White and Cumberland Avenues.

Next steps involve seeking approval from the State Building Commission, the Metropolitan Planning Commission, and the City Council. We’ll attempt to acquire the streets in phases, beginning with those that service only university buildings. In some cases, we’ll need to work out right-of-way agreements with landowners along the streets.

Taking ownership of the streets gives us more control over landscaping and construction, as well as the ability to close roads when needed.

City officials have supported our efforts because it means they won’t have to pay to maintain streets that lie entirely within our campus and primarily serve campus traffic.

We have budgeted about $147,000 per year to maintain these new streets.

Within the past year, we’ve taken ownership of Phillip Fulmer Way, Peyton Manning Pass, and Tee Martin Drive.