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Understanding Tuition Changes

Take 15, Graduate in 4

This fall, tuition will increase by 6 percent for returning students and our new “Take 15, Graduate in 4” tuition model takes effect for all full-time freshmen and transfer students.

Our Board of Trustees approved the increase in June.

The new “Take 15, Graduate in 4” plan will affect all new full-time undergraduates enrolling or re-enrolling for fall semester. The model requires students to pay for 15 hours regardless of how many hours they take. In the past, undergraduates paid for only 12 hours. The new model is designed to encourage students to take at least 15 hours a semester so that they graduate in four years.

New in-state undergraduates will pay $11,194 annually for tuition and fees. Returning in-state undergraduates will pay $9,684 annually.

For more information about tuition and the new 15-4 model, visit