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UTK Leads State in Degrees Conferred

UT Knoxville leads all of the state’s other public universities in the number of undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees it confers.

This is great news for our state, where just 22 percent of adults older than 25 have a bachelor's degree, five percentage points lower than the national average.

It’s also significant in light of the Complete College Tennessee Act, state legislation that emphasizes educational outcome or degree completion rather than enrollment.

UT Knoxville enrollment for 2008-2009 was the largest in the state with 27,881 undergraduate and graduate students. Middle Tennessee State University enrollment was 23,866 and University of Memphis was 20,214 students for the same year.

According to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC), in 2008-2009, the last year for which all of the data has been reported, these are the total numbers of degrees awarded:

  • UT Knoxville -- 6,271
  • Middle Tennessee State University-- 4,599
  • University of Memphis -- 3,760
  • East Tennessee State University -- 2,608
  • Tennessee Tech -- 2,349
  • UT Chattanooga -- 1,710
  • Austin Peay --1,573
  • Tennessee State -- 1,551
  • UT Martin -- 1,133

Breaking those numbers down, these are the numbers of undergraduate and graduate degrees (master’s degrees and doctorates) awarded by each institution, according to the same THEC report:

  • UT Knoxville -- 4,107 bachelor’s degrees and 1,905 graduate degrees
  • MTSU -- 3,789 undergraduate degrees and 706 graduate degrees
  • University of Memphis -- 2,590 undergraduate degree and 994 graduate degrees
  • ETSU --1,878 undergraduate degrees and 634 graduate degrees
  • Tennessee Tech -- 1,538 undergraduate degrees and 561 graduate degrees
  • UT Chattanooga – 1,256 undergrdaute degrees and 427 undergraduate degrees
  • Austin Peay -- 1,161 undergraduate degrees and 250 graduate degrees
  • Tennessee State -- 948 undergraduate degrees and 461 graduate degrees
  • UT Martin – 1,018 undergraduate degrees and 115 graduate degrees

UT Knoxville also leads Vanderbilt University in the number of degrees awarded.

In 2008-09, Vanderbilt awarded 3,383 degrees. Of those 1,815 were graduate degrees and 1,568 were undergraduate degrees.