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Announcing Two Important Policy Reviews to Begin Fall Semester

I wanted to give you an update on a few initiatives I am laying the groundwork for this fall semester. I will be appointing and announcing task forces to provide an independent review and analysis on two important campus policies that have a significant impact on our students, faculty, and staff.

Legislation passed by the General Assembly this spring authorized the leaders of all state colleges and universities to adopt policies to regulate smoking and tobacco use on campus-owned or operated property.

Student Government Association President Morgan Hartgrove, a senior College Scholars major with a concentration in health and public policy, played a key role in advocating for the legislation, and we appreciate her work. Chris Cimino, senior vice chancellor for finance and administration, will lead a task force to review our current smoking policy and make recommendations for updates in consideration of the health and wellness of our campus community. The task force will provide updates throughout the process and solicit your feedback on any proposed changes.

Additionally, Vince Carilli, vice chancellor for student life, will chair another task force charged with reviewing and analyzing the university’s current alcohol policy.

The task force will include students, faculty, an academic dean, staff, alumni, and community members. They will be asked to review and evaluate peer institution policies, consider current research, and identify best practices. The task force will conduct interviews and public meetings to gather feedback from impacted groups and individuals. The task force will also receive feedback online and host open forums so members of our community can express support or share their concerns regarding potential policy changes.

Over the last several years, the Student Government Association has asked the administration to conduct a policy review, and we recognize that it has not been reviewed or updated in many years. This process will give us all an opportunity to collect broad-based input and to have informed conversations about this complicated and multifaceted matter. The task force will prepare a report to summarize its work, make recommendations for policy changes, if any, and provide relevant information regarding the potential impacts of any recommended policy changes.

I look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming months and engaging the community on these issues throughout the fall semester.