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Vols give back on Rocky Top

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Chancellor Donde Plowman asks students, faculty, staff and alumni to share their community service hours during UT’s 225th anniversary year.


This year we’re celebrating 225 years of what it means to be a volunteer. To be a volunteer has always been about service, about stepping forward to act and lead and make a difference in the world. So we’re going to be logging all volunteers’ hours all throughout the year.

So we invite you to log your hours of volunteer service that you’re doing, in your community, in your local clubs, in your church, whatever you’re doing for the university. Join us.

Log your hours so we can show what it means to be a volunteer throughout the whole year. To make it easy you can go to the website 225-dot-utk-dot-edu, and log your hours. Hope to see you there soon.