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Advisory Board Agenda for March 20, 2019

Executive Dining Hall, Room 377A, Student Union, 10 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

  1. Call to Order—Chair John Tickle
  2. Approval of January minutes
  3. Board of Trustees (BOT) Update—UTK Advisory Board Bylaws (Tab 16, page 128 of BOT Board packet)
    1. BOT Agenda Item summary noted that the UTK Advisory Board would likely change the wording in Article III Section 3.2 for the student appointment from “student appointed by the Advisory Board” to “student appointed in a manner determined by the Advisory Board”—Davis
    2. The Bylaw Change requires approval by the UTK Advisory Board, but no further action is needed by the BOT—Tickle
  4. Proposed Process for Appointment of a Student Member to the UTK Advisory Board—Davis (See attached process)
  5. Student Member for Advisory Board, FY20—Davis
  6. BOT Meeting Update—Approved Process for Campus Advisory Board to Submit a Recommendation to the President on the Proposed Strategic Plan (Tab 4, page 58 of BOT Board packet)—Tickle
  7. BOT Meeting Update—Approved Process for the Campus Advisory Board to Submit a Recommendation to the President on the Proposed Annual Operating Budget, Including Tuition and Fees, as Related to the Campus (Tab 3, page 126 of BOT Finance and Administration Committee packet)—Tickle
  8. Strategic Plan and Vol Vision Metrics Update—Manderscheid
  9. Update on Budget Process—Cimino
  10. Comptroller’s Report and Student Programming—Carilli
  11. Diversity Priorities—Small
  12. Proposed dates for future UT Knoxville Advisory Board meetings*:
    1. May 15—vote on budget, including tuition and fees
    2. Oct 11, 2019
    3. March 4, 2020
    4. May 13, 2020

*All meetings scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Eastern time unless otherwise noted.
**The Board will recess for 30 minutes at approximately 12 Noon for lunch.
***UT Knoxville photographer Steven Bridges will be available prior to the March 20, 2019 meeting to take official UTK Advisory Board member photos.