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Draft Working Document

As part of the strategic visioning process, the executive and visioning committees created draft mission, vision, and goals statements. Earlier drafts were refined with input from across the community, and further development has led to a comprehensive working document with strategies and tactics.

Community input on this draft has been integral to the continued development of a new strategic vision for our university.

Download the draft working document

Draft Vision Statement

A world enriched by our ideas, improved through action, and inspired by the Volunteer Spirit of service and leadership.

Download and read the full draft working document.

Draft Mission Statement

We are a diverse community with a shared commitment to discovery, creativity, and education. At UT Knoxville we:

  • Empower learners of all ages and backgrounds to achieve their dreams through accessible and affordable education;
  • Advance the prosperity, well-being, and vitality of communities across Tennessee and around the world through our research, teaching, service, and engagement; and
  • Commit to excellence, equity, and inclusion within the university, across the state, and in all our global activities.

Download and read the full draft working document.

Draft Goals

  1. Provide high-quality educational opportunities for people at every stage of life, whenever and wherever they seek to learn.

  2. Create a more just, prosperous, and sustainable future through world-class research, scholarship, and creative work.

  3. Develop and sustain a nurturing university culture where diversity and community are enduring sources of strength.

  4. Empower and sustain a culture of collaboration, agility, and innovation throughout the university.

  5. Connect with every Tennessean and with communities around the world, inspiring future Volunteers to join our diverse community.

Download and read the full draft working document.