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Video still of Chancellor Plowman talking with an incoming freshman at orientation.

Chancellor Plowman welcomes new Vols

Some of our new Vols got a surprise visit from Chancellor Plowman at their orientation session on July 11.





You are a very lucky orientation crowd because we have a very special guest here to
give you your official welcome to the University.

Please join me in giving a Big Orange Welcome to Chancellor Plowman.


My single most important responsibility is your success.

Something’s happening here at Tennessee that people want to be a part of.

The world needs graduates from this university who understand what it means to be a Volunteer.

To step forward and say, “I’ll do it. I’ll make that change.”

When you say, “I graduated from Tennessee,” they’re gonna go, “Oh, what did you do?”

“What was your volunteer experience?” And I want you to be prepared with what that answer might be.

Welcome to this great university, and I look forward to your success.

I’ve got skin in your game. I’m going to help you with it. So thank you for being here.

Go Vols!