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Dropping In to Thank Students


Student: Did you guys get your printers yet?

Professor: Good afternoon everyone. I just wanted to quickly thank you all very much for—

Chancellor Plowman: Hey there!

Professor: Hi Chancellor.

Chancellor Plowman: I don’t usually crash meetings, but I just had to crash this one. Oh my gosh, I’m so proud of you guys, and if you don’t know who I am, to the students, I’m the Chancellor. I’ve been hearing about your work. I am so so impressed by everything that you’re doing. Thank you. You are epitomizing what it means to be a volunteer. I want to hear a little bit about how this has been. I dropped in on a zoom class of these engineering and architecture students who have been doing unbelievable stuff. Really, it’s the students who are the champions of this whole activity.

Student: We have found this face shield that was made by Prusa which is a printer company.

Chancellor: Leo are you printing them at your home?

Student: Yeah, my printer is directly behind me. I’ve got very limited space so my desk and my printer are both in my closet.

Chancellor: So how long does it take you to print one piece that you’re printing.

Student: Most of us are doing multiple at a time. It takes about two and a half hours for me.

Different Student: I was printing them on campus in our lab, and I was doing about four at a time.

Chancellor: Think about the Volunteer spirit, stepping forward and saying where there’s something I can do. It was Spring Break and those kids got organized, and also the idea of cross collaboration between two colleges just like this. [snaps fingers] They started working and producing those things and even the professors said themselves, I can’t believe we’ve done this in forty-eight hours. It’s just heartwarming. The students are working with them. That’s the most moving part to me, is that our students are doing this, very impressive.