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Continuing Our Social Distancing Measures

Over the past several weeks, we have taken measures to ensure that only the most essential work is still being done on campus. We have encouraged social distancing and urged unit leaders to be flexible and creative in sending as many people as possible to work from home.

We have reduced research to only the most critical work, and all teaching and learning are taking place online.

I have been inspired by your resilience and your excellent work to support our students and each other.

President Randy Boyd sent a message last night underscoring the importance of social distancing and supporting Governor Bill Lee’s stay-at-home order. Please continue taking these measures seriously and do not come to campus unless necessary. This protects you, and it protects our colleagues who are ensuring that our campus is safe, clean, and providing necessary services.

If your role currently requires you to still be on campus and you have questions or concerns, please discuss them with your supervisor. Our goal continues to be having as few people on campus as possible.

We will get through this together.

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Donde Plowman