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Fulbright Winners


Hello Vols.

So many great things have happened on this campus this year I want to lift up one of those today and that is—we have had seventeen students named as Fulbrights. Seventeen students, or recent graduates and another four were named as alternates—that’s an amazing accomplishment and it speaks so highly of our students and our faculty, and of the education people are getting at this university.

Our students next year will be studying abroad in the UK, in Germany, Poland, Romania, Taiwan, Brazil, Indonesia. Vols all around the world that really makes us proud. You know there’s a lot going on here with the virus and everyone trying to stay safe, to get their coursework down this semester, to graduate.

It’s important that we lift up the accomplishments of our colleagues and remember good things are happening. There’s a lot of joy to be experienced in recognizing the achievements of others and the good work that we’re doing here at UT Knoxville.

Go Vols!