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Temporary Isolation Housing for COVID-19

Dear colleagues,

Today residential students who test positive for COVID-19 will begin moving into Massey Hall for temporary isolation housing. I want to thank our housing, facilities, and student life staff who have been preparing the residence hall for reopening, including developing activities and amenities to help these students feel more comfortable. We have streamlined our dining and other food options, opened the courtyard exclusively to residents, and organized social activities for those who feel up to participating.

The isolation experience can be overwhelming and lonely for many students, and we have been working to expand the social, emotional, and academic support they may need. If you are a faculty member, please keep the circumstances in mind when students in your class are in self-isolation.

This has been a monumental effort that has taken the collaboration of many people, including our former Massey residents who moved residence halls mid-semester. Thank you once more to everyone involved.

Donde Plowman