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Thank you

Thank You for Stepping Forward


We don’t always get to choose the moments we are called upon to do big things. Sometimes the moments choose us.

One year ago, everything changed. Our classrooms emptied, our campus grew quiet, the world suddenly stopped. But Volunteers kept moving forward.

We turned research labs into testing labs. We turned recitals into virtual concerts. We turned computers into classrooms. We asked others to join us, and together we did something extraordinary.

Leadership isn’t about who’s in charge. It’s about who steps forward. Leadership takes courage, it takes sacrifice, it takes knowing that what is easiest is not always what is best.

And it takes a recognition that deep down, you were made for times like this. When you’re a Volunteer, you aren’t afraid of these moments, you define them. For those who rely on us, those who support us, and those who look to us to light the way.

So, thank you, for being resilient and remaining hopeful.

For being compassionate and lifting each other up.

For stepping forward together and defining this moment.

Thank you.