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Everyone is Responsible for Safety at UT


Safety is an important cultural expectation here at UT. It is not just the responsibility of our Environmental Health and Safety officers.

It’s everyone’s responsibility.

Every employee is a UT representative and therefore, a safety leader. The way we approach our work—whether it’s driving a UT vehicle, properly disposing of lab waste, or the safe use of appliances in kitchen and office areas—communicates our commitment to each other and to our strategic vision.

It takes all of us to keep one another safe. That means reporting and addressing potential hazards instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

Safety is integrated into everything we do and is a factor that allows us to take risks safely and make the bold decisions that we as a flagship university need to move forward into the future.

Our commitment to safety as a campus community strengthens UT’s ability to remain resilient, innovative, and adaptable.