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Chancellor Plowman Appears on Anything Is Possible

Chancellor Donde Plowman appeared this week on Anything Is Possible, a Sunday morning interview show that airs on WVLT-TV, where she talked with host Hallerin Hilton Hill about their shared experience as a “preacher’s kid,” how she became interested in leadership, and what loss and grief have taught her.

“My husband calls me the lemonade girl,” Plowman said. “One of my top five strengths is positivity—it’s part of who I am. But it’s knowing yourself and leveraging the things you do well and drawing strength from that. So everything is possible.”

Plowman described her childhood as the daughter of a Methodist minister and a mother who always championed her kids. She also talked about finding her way to leadership in college, where she was involved in student government and served as a resident advisor.

“You look back, it was all these opportunities for leadership and that’s the part where all my passion was,” she said. “Coming to college is partly about what you’re majoring in, but it’s about so much more than that.”

Plowman talked with Hill about raising a family while navigating an academic career and how she moved through loss to find hope following the death of her oldest son.

“I think my greatest accomplishment is that I, and my family, have figured out a way to have a meaningful life where you can be happy and sad at the same time. You can be joyful, happy, laughing and in your heart there’s an ache that will never go away. We’ve learned that and we live that.”

Watch the entire interview below.